Fractal Evolution
Steven Zheng
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : S 187 P

Previous models of fractal geometry divided the study into two major parts: iterated and stochastic. Iterated fractals are generally constructed, following strict rules. A classification of construction methods further divides fractals into more categories. Stochastic fractals are more relevant in the natural world, not restricted by rules but possessing fractal characteristics. This project will attempt to generalize the analysis of all fractals by transforming fractal geometry into comparable fractal sets, and from these sets aid problem solving.rnThis project employs an innovative methodology to the treatment of fractal geometry. It combines fundamental tools and thought experiments to generalize fractal analysis. The purpose is to define original theoretical approaches towards our understanding of fractals and applying them to analyze modern scientific problems. The ultimate goal is to introduce this new approach of understanding fractals to solve problems involving both iterated and stochastic fractals without sophistication.rn