Controlling Telerobots over the Web using Natural User Interface (Kinect)
kelvin zhang, Vivian Li Ge Yang
Maple Creek Middle School, Lord Byng Secondary
Floor Location : J 047 F

Telerobots that are controlled over the Internet from all over the world can be very useful in situations where the operator cannot present on site, which includes hazard working environment, distance education, distance surgery, distance meeting and other virtual reality applications.rn rnBy setting up proper communication protocols on two computers (Client and Server) and the robot (in this project, a robot vehicle controlled by the server through bluetooth), a computer (Client) can operate the robot anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. A smartphone located on the robot transmits a live stream of the environment to the client's screen so we can monitor what is going on around the robot.rn rnBut that's not all! We gave ourselves an additional challenge. The Microsoft Kinect - a Natural User Interface device is adopted into the project, which can identify your body language. The movements of the body replace the traditional keyboard and mouse to control the robot on the other side of the world! This opens the door for the applications where the natural interaction with the computer is required, eg. person with disabilities.rnrnIn the future, a voice even brain controlled system could be developed based on the current setup.