Rain, Rain, Go Away: The Piezoelectric Roof Tile
Nicole Ticea
York House School
Floor Location : M 010 E

In my project, I designed a novel roof tile that creates an alternative means of producing electricity. The design of my tile combines piezoelectric materials and organic polymers to produce a cell that harnesses the impact energy of rain. I transformed this kinetic energy into usable energy by manually fabricating my own sheet of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride, a piezoelectric material) through a stretching and poling process, after which I coated it in a conductive polymer (PeDot). To store the energy, I used a full-wave rectifier with a smoothing capacitor to transform it into constant DC energy. My project also places a large focus around modelling and determining the kinetic energy of an average rain drop, calculating its velocity, converting it into electrical energy using the mechanical coupling coefficient of PVDF, and using that information to determine how much energy is provided by a meter squared of PVDF. I also compare the amount of energy hypothetically produced to the amount of energy actually produced. My project also includes a cost/benefit/efficiency analysis, among applications for my technology including WSNs and sleep apnea therapy. n