Tesla Switch running a Persistence of Vision Wheel
Santiago Carvalheiro-Nunes
Robert Alexander McMath Secondary
Floor Location : M 023 E

This Tesla Switch Project employs 4 sealed batteries that are capable of running various loads, resistive loads and demonstrate a unique charging process within the same device.rnrnThe Loads in this case will be three, a standard incandescent 12 Volt Bulb, a 12 Volt Halogen Light and a 12 Volt/7 Amp DC Electric Motor, all of which will be driven from two Positive sources.rnrnFinally to demonstrate the true energy efficiency of the Tesla Switch and to increase the load on the Electric Motor a Persistence of Vision Display will be embedded in the Wheel of a Road bicycle Wheel which will be mounted within a tabletop mount, thus demonstrating the speed and work load placed on the motor a Power Meter made up of a Voltmeter and Ammeter are also embedded within the project to directly display consumed power.