Solarwind, a new and efficient green power generator
Leonardo Aversa
St George's School
Floor Location : M 096 E

The purpose of this project is to make a new power generator, which combines both, solar and wind power together in one compact unit. This new unit would produce as much power as the individual solar and wind units but takes less space than the individual units, therefore saving space and costs. rnA problem with wind turbines or solar farms is that they take an enormous amount of space and the space underneath the solar panels is not used and therefore wasted. They can only be used when there is sunlight or wind.rnrnI have come up with a novel design in which a new special vertical propeller blades wind generator unit is mounted below a solar unit. I called this unit the Solarwind. This new unit is very compact, takes less space and can produces more electricity per surface area than either wind turbines or solar farms. rnThe power generated by the Solarwind unit would be much more constant than either unit alone, because it can use both solar and wind units during the day and the wind unit can continue working also during the night.rn Solarwind units working together could be used in Solarwind farms or also as single units in farms, on top of the roof of homes or places where there is no electricity, like in isolated farms and villages and poor countries. rnrnI have made a small working model for testing the concept of combined solar and wind power in one unit to prove my Solarwind invention!rn