He Huffed, He Puffed
Justine Hansen
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : M 098 N

For the 2013 Science Fair, I decided to study a tents' susceptibility to wind, which gave me my question: Will the shape of a tent affect how well it resists a strong wind? If so, which shape best stabilizes a tent in heavy winds? Using a hairdryer, I tested seven hand made tents and recorded how far each tent was blown. After collecting my results, I saw that tent shape affects susceptibility to wind. However, I also observed that the surface area which the hairdryer was blowing at also caused a large impact on susceptibility to wind. This led me to my conclusion: I accept my hypothesis because the tents' shape affected the tents' susceptibility to wind. However, other factors, which I had not accounted for, also changed the susceptibility to wind.rn