Wave Energy
Derek Strangway
Floor Location : J 042 E

A method of creating energy using the waves. The project uses a small foam ball as a float, which, in turn, is connected to a rod with a magnet on the top. As the waves come by the float, it bounces up and down on the waves, moving the magnet in and out of a coil. Based upon the process of induction, this creates energy, which is then measured with a multimeter. The project uses legs as support, which addresses potential entanglement issues related to the mooring cables used in an oscillating water column. The rig itself consists of two platforms, one large platform used as a base, and another, smaller platform, used to support the coil at an adequate height for the magnet to move within it. The waves for the experiment were generated by dropping a 500 gram weight attached to a hollow metal pipe which used a wooden doweling as a guide for the drops. The doweling had increments of 30, 60 and 70 centimeters marked on it, indicating the drop heights. The waves were created in a plastic container, using fresh water, to avoid introducing potential variables related to testing using actual ocean waves, such as wind, and potentially boats and people walking around in the water.