What's in your water?
Annabelle Wang, Elaiza Ong
R C Palmer Secondary
Floor Location : J 043 H

The project was designed to determine what would happen to the water quality when it is left in a heated environment. To clear up the myths concerning plastic water bottle's safety after it is left inside a car on a hot Summer day. The benefit for mankind is that many humans drink water out of plastic water bottles after it has been exposed to the sun. The project tests for BPA (Bisphenol A), coliform (fecal bacteria), and pH (acidic levels). The brands used in this experiment was 500ml Dasani, Aquafina, Pure Life, and a metal water bottle. The independent variable was the different brands of bottles used. While the dependent variable is the purity of the water (tests) and the control group is the room temperature bottles and the control variable is the same size bottles. BPA can be harmful to the human body because it can cause heart disease in woman, type two diabetes, and breast cancer in woman. For pH, it can mild eye and skin irritation, gastrointestinal upset, and finally foul tasting water. Finally coliform is a group of fecal bacteria that includes E. coli and coliform can cause severe kidney condition. In conclusion, the project was created for humans to have a clearer understanding of what they drink.