Finding potential bullying subjects through Data Mining
Kelvin Zhang
Hillcrest Middle School
Floor Location : J 059 F

The internet is becoming bigger and bigger day by day. Technology is more widely used than ever before. Facts show that more iPhones are being bought than babies being born. More and more people are using technology. Not does technology only provide benefits, but it has many downsides. With the internet revolution, cyber bullying has been a rapidly growing subject and many have been affected by it already. Therefore, by creating a system that can automatically find and analyze potential subjects, cyberbullying can be nerfed down a notch.

My idea came from a local incident, when Amanda Todd committed suicide. She was being cyberbullied online, and posted harmful messages to social media sites. I wanted to find a way around this without having to manually check social media sites for messages, so I created a data scraping/mining system that could complete my objective.

The objective/goal of my project was to provide a simpler way to police or community workers to keep an eye out for potential subjects involved in bullying. By running a program that scraps data 24/7, I was able to create a working system in which individuals would be analyzed through certain words involved with bullying. Scraping, storing, and analyzing data was what my project revolves around.

My project focuses on potential subjects involved with bullying. By scraping data through Twitter, I was able to store and analyze data in a mySQL database. Using a combination of Python, HTML, mySQL, and PHP, I was able to produce a system of in which kept a lookout for potential subjects.

Selected keywords related to bullying were later chosen, after visiting the local police. Later, they would be searched through a Twitter API. Once the information has been gathered, I stored them in a mySQL database where they would later be analyzed. Creating a simple website using HTML and PHP, retrieved the data in the database and analyzed them, finally returning a complete list of the top potential subjects involved with bullying. With a single click of a button, you can find out the top potential subjects involved with bullying online.

This project can have huge effects on the world and cyber bullying. With cyberbullying rates growing more rapidly than ever, the rates of people committing suicide due to cyberbullying can be tuned down. Parents, guardians, and teachers can be informed easier than ever.