Sol de Vancouver
Annwynn Murray, Elvie Carroll
Vancouver Technical
Floor Location : J 082 V

Our project is studying the soil of Vancouver City and what soil is the most polluted. We took soil from four different locations.We took soil from, the streets of Vancouver, beside the ocean, Clark park and beside a gas station then put them in cans and let them sit.We let the cans with soil sit for 24hours. We then put water and let them sit for twenty four hours. We put water in petri dishes then observed the amount of bacteria.We then counted the colony's of bacteria. Around two weeks later, we did the experience again to see if the results would be the same. The results were the same both of the times we did the experience. Clark park, a park situated close to commercial street and knight street, had the most bacteria of all the four places. The bacteria could be good or it could be bad, we think it might have had the most bacteria because it is a city park and there are people who come to garden it almost every week. We thought the soil from close to the gas station would have the most bacteria because there are many ways that the gas could have filtered into the soil and contaminate it.