Cell Phone Microscope
Kyle Doman, Dhruv Khanna
Eric Hamber
Floor Location : J 118 D

We built an inexpensive microscope for a smartphone camera. It has assorted lenses to take microscope pictures and transmit to other electronic devices. It leverages off the fact that many students and teachers have smartphones with them, so you do not need to buy expensive and complicated microscopes with cameras for the classroom. We have the information, pictures, diagrams, and the microscope itself. We will demonstrate and explain how it works.

We believe this is a good project for high school students to build as part of their school studies since it would cover several course areas.

In shop/industrial tech class, you would actually design and build it. The cost of the parts totals less than $10. (A new microscope with a built-in digital camera costs almost $700). To build our device you only need simple tools from your high school (screwdriver, ruler, pen, drill, and saw) and it can be designed and built in only a couple of hours.

In physics, you could try out different components to see how the optics are changed with different lenses and focusing. You can learn about refraction, optics, and how they work in microscopes and other instruments like telescopes and binoculars.

In biology, you could use it to study plants, cells, microbiology and other things that need close-up pictures. The microscope is powerful enough to see individual plant cells and the tiny creatures that live in the ocean (like diatoms).

For any class where you use the microscope you can use your smartphone to e-mail the pictures to other people, include them in reports or assignments, display them on digital projectors, or anything else you can think of.