Naturally Sweet?
Joshua Chong
Burnaby South Secondary
Floor Location : M 046 H

The purpose of my science fair project is to determine how much sugar you are eating for breakfast. The reason that I wanted to find out which breakfast ingredients contained the most sugar was to help improve our society by consuming healthier foods. The 6 ingredients I chose were banana, strawberry, raspberry, milk, almond milk and soy milk. Eating a healthier diet and eating less fatty foods will result in people becoming less obese. To determine the sugar levels of different foods such as solids and liquids I converted all the sugars to glucose. The first part of my project I used the diastix glucose test strips and tested it on a glucose tablet to determine if they worked properly. Later, I converted the lactose and sugar into glucose using lactase and invertase enzymes so I could determine how long it would take for the glucose readings to plateau and use the data for the next step. For my final step I tested the breakfast ingredients and compared and contrasted the different sugar levels of the fruits and types of milk. Learning the different levels of glucose of each of these foods will not guarantee you to be skinny, but will help you improve your daily consumption of foods. Eating large amounts of much sugar will eventually lead to diabetes and cause several other problems in your life. There could be other variables contributing to make that piece of food healthy like minerals or vitamins or worse like sodium, but sugar is deadly and is the main cause for people eating unhealthily.