The EcoMat: A Heat Loss Solution
Alice Man
J N Burnett Secondary
Floor Location : M 203 E

In third world countries, people have to walk miles to fetch buckets of dirty water. In Canada, fresh water can be granted with a simple turn of the tap. Cold water, warm water, and even hot water are all readily available to us. But what do we do with this water that has been automatically heated up to the perfect temperature? We pour it right back down the drain.

In an average household, most of the hot water is lost through showers. It is truly a waste of energy and money to allow all this hot water to be wasted. For my project, I designed a bathmat called the EcoMat, which is made of a mat with copper tubes lying underneath. Cold water from the city water source runs through the copper tubes, then goes up and out of the shower head. The EcoMat is placed over the drain so that when the hot waste water proceeds to the drain, it passes through the EcoMat and warms up the cold water in the copper tubes. This preheated water travels directly up and out of the shower head, reducing the amount of hot water needed from the hot water tank. The cycle continues over and over through the course of a shower, allowing heat from the waste water to be recycled.

The EcoMat is cheap and easy to install, requiring no water storage tanks and minimal change in a normal shower system. It is an easy and simple option for a household to save money, prevent heat loss, and to reduce their energy footprint.