Natural Language Interpreter
Chuyuan Zhang
Lord Byng Secondary
Floor Location : S 185 N

The GNU/Linux operating system, also known as Linux, is acclaimed for its customizability and its status as open-sourced software by many people. However, its complicated set of commands required to work with its command-line interfaces (CLI) can be difficult to memorize and master, especially for beginners. In order to lower the barrier of entry for the beginners who are interested, and to allow them to effectively utilize the unique functionalities offered by the Linux operating system, while learning the commands in the process, I devised and developed a natural language interpreter. It allows users to enter commands in natural English, and the interpreter will convert the commands into real Linux shell commands, executes these commands, and displays them onto the screen, so that the user can learn what real commands to execute in order to achieve their desired effects. Currently, the parser supports creation and deletion of folders and files, as well as running of programs, and is intended to include other features and functionalities, including user management, internet access, file editing, installation and uninstallation of packages and softwares, etc., in its later releases. This program will change the reputation of Linux operating system's user-unfriendliness and open the doors to Linux.