The Physics Of Curling
William Bailey
Collingwood School
Floor Location : S 242 D

The purpose of my experiment would be to find out how much of an effect the rotational motion of the rock has on its curl as it travels down the ice. Throughout my experience with the sport I have been told several things about the curl of the rock. I know from experience that if the rock is not turned as it is released the rock will not curl in any direction as it moves down the ice until it hits some imperfection in the ice and starts to curl in an unpredictable direction. Without the spinning of the rock the movement of the rock down the ice is generally very random and does not make for a controlled and strategic game. My instructor has also told me that the optimal number of rotations as the rock moves down the ice to get the most predictable curl is approximately 2.5 to 3.5. I would like to test to see if this value is close to true. Lastly I have also been told that over spinning the rock often result in the rock going straighter and farther down the ice. I would also like to test this to see if it is true.