Music and Physics-Story of a Harmonica
Leon Li
Collingwood School
Floor Location : S 246 N

This is about a revolution of harmonica. In this project, the secret in such a small but great instrument will be discovered. And especially, some new ideas will be produced and get experienced here. Engineering (designing and manufacturing the different parts of harmonica), physics about acoustic (the physics behind the playing of harmonica) and data analysis (lots of data were recorded) is applied in this project. During the experiment, a sample comb is made and data will be collected by playing same notes with two different combs or two different sets of cover plates into a software called SpectraPLUS which could be used to analyze the harmonic waves to determine the difference of the sound. Since the loudness of each harmonic wave changes while the tone changes, the graph of harmonic waves would really show the difference between the tones of the two tests. Same strategy will be applied to the test of new cover plates which is also considered a part of the harmonica that changes the tone a lot. By the end of this project, a comb and a set of coverplates will be made as a products of this project by using CNC machines and manufaturing skills.