Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Alyssia Mattman
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
Floor Location : J 003 H

The negative effect of chlorine on hair health is a major issue among frequent swimmers. Many people believe that chlorine has a negative effect on the hair, and that ozone has a positive effect on the hair. I carried out a study to determine whether chlorine is detrimental to the health of human hair.

To test this, I had a volunteer swimmer swim with perforated tea bags containing hair samples for ten hours each in ozonated pool water and in chlorinated pool water. As an experimental control, I also exposed hair samples to bottled water for 10 hours.

The weight of each hair was measured on a .1 milligram scale before and after the respective exposures. The average hair mass reduction for hair exposed to chlorinated pool water was 0.2058 grams, the average hair mass reduction for hair exposed to ozone pool water was 0.1901 grams, the average hair mass reduction for hair exposed to bottled water was 0.1867. Therefore, the significant finding in the experiment was that both chlorine and ozone damage hair to some extent, but overall, chlorine is much more harmful to the hair.

The results are statistically significant because the confidence intervals are relatively tight, which reflects that there is a low chance that error occurred in the experiment, and I can be confident that the results are reliable