Biodegradable Batteries
Xiaochuan He
Mulgrave School
Floor Location : J 007 V

The biodegradable battery is the device that embraces a friendly future , friendly to animals , the environment and humans . It is a power source that is both reliable and very powerful , having the ability to be biodegraded , while also having the ability to charge itself , limited by only nutrients in it .

As a major modern problem , us humans , animals , plants and all other organisms face the one thing that can wipe us all out : pollution . Forest fires , exploding nuke plants and smoggy air is NOT the right way we humans should head to . We need to be responsible for our technology , with the lives of more than billion organism at our hands . As a solution , microbial fuel cells can be used . Unlike many of the other power sources , it is the most flexible in the size of it . It may be small , and large , ranging from all sizes and shapes .

When developed and successful , it can help shape the future into a better future . It may also lead to creating a way to a more economic and eco friendly power source . It may also benefit all the people and organism and ecosystem. By having an advantage as being able to biodegrade, It can also let out the microbes in it. The microbes in it (shewanella, geobacter, etc) that can clean up toxic and radioactive waste.