The Posturizer
Arthur Speirs, Bryce Wong
St George's School
Floor Location : J 010 N

Poor posture has quite a large amount of negative effects on a person, and often affects their mental, physical, emotional, and social aspects of his or her life. Slouching may lead to cognitive deficits, abdominal pain, arthritis, low self esteem, depression, solitude, and decreased social activities. People can even lose their jobs due to acute back pain! Bad posture may cause you, in the long run, emotional and social effects, and of course, physical effects. We want to build a device that shall improve back posture. Our hypothesis is that when people use our device, there will be a noticeable improvement in their physical well-being as their posture will be improved. The posture device, or as we dubbed it, the Posturizer, works by making your brain associate slouching with a bright light going off in your eyes. The Posturizer has a chest strap that has a plastic tube with two AAA batteries inside. There is a spring that will touch the batteries if you are slouching, (which works by the fact that when your shoulders come closer together in the front (bad posture) it gives slack to the wire being pushed away by the spring) making an electrical circuit to light up the light in your eyes. If you show good posture, the spring does not touch the batteries, making it impossible for electrons to flow to the light. We feel that the device can be a great help to many people and benefit lives!