Will It Lift?
Kate Naychuk, Charlotte Bystrom
St John's School
Floor Location : J 020 E

Our experiment helped us discover that the brick can only be lifted by objects that are 209 grams or heavier from our results. How we noticed was the lightest thing to lift the brick was a water bottle. It weighed 209 grams. We reached our goal in this experiment, because we figured out how heavy an object has to be in order to lift the brick. Our results could have been more exact if we had figured out how much the brick weighed, but it broke the scale. We do know that if it was heavy enough to break the scale, it must be pretty heavy. We also completed a goal for this experiment when the water bottle and the pencil case actually lifted the brick successfully. Another way we know that an object has to be pretty heavy to lift the brick is that our third lightest thing we tried was a computer mouse. It weighed 92.8 grams, and fell out of the rope, which means that a 100 gram object would probably not work. We know if it worked because we pull on the end with the light object and the brick stays in the air instead of falling flat onto the table.