How can we Improve Programming Languages?
Danilo Lekovic
Summit Middle School
Floor Location : J 026 N

Everything on a computer is written in a programming language. Everyday, hard working programmers and software engineers write millions of lines of code around the world. This project will show how programming languages are created. Creation of programming languages is the perfect task for anyone wishing to explore deeper into the depth of computer science. This project will also compare different popular programming languages with each other and how actual developers work with these programming languages. Finally, it will showcase a highly-featured, revolutionary, innovative, fast, and modern programming language that has been designed and coded specifically for this project. We don't appreciate beauty because it's a good quality to have. We appreciate beauty because we are part of the human race. The human race is constantly pushing forward, fueled by passion and innovation. The perfect mixture of passion and innovation in this day and age is computer science. Stripes, the programming language I have made, will accomplish what Java was meant to accomplish; an easy, useful programming language that can run anywhere. For example, programming languages like Java, C, and JavaScript tend to be slow and stuck 20 years in the past. Old, outdated programming languages take up lots of space on a device and are used by developers because they cannot find a language better suited for their needs. Stripes is here to change that.