The Wonder Blanket
Jeremy Lo, Nicholas Chong
St George's School
Floor Location : J 047 N

On December 22 of 2014 we read an article on the front page of the Vancouver Sun. That article talked about a homeless lady that was losing where she resided because the governments was replacing the wooden shelter with a glass shelter. We were sad and troubled about the homeless situation in Vancouver. We did some research and found that up to 80 people die from over exposure to the cold each year in Canada. Most of the 80 are homeless who do not have access to warm sleeping bags and shelters to protect them from the cold. This is why we feel that something must be done to help this neglected segment of our society. We wanted to create a blanket that could insulate the homeless for a cheap price. Our vision for our blanket was to insulate a person up to 4 hours with a steady temperature. We also wanted our blanket to be waterproof, durable and light.

With that in mind, we ran into multiple problems along the way. The first problem was that the seams of the blanket let water in and that would make all of our stuffings inside the blanket wet. The second problem was that we weren't sure if how the blanket insulates would be different than when we tested it using flasks. The last problem was that each material was overly expensive and we weren't sure if we should continue using these materials or if we start our experiment again.