Soil Erosion
Eva Su, Janice Tan
Killarney Secondary
Floor Location : J 058 V

We based our project off of surface soil erosion, which is when the soil gets destroyed starting from the surface. We gathered five 2L Pop bottles and planted dirt in each. We tested on four different types of materials, such as wood, burlap, gravel, and leaves. We left one of the bottles with only plain soil, and no material covering the surface. We made water collectors for the water that was going to come out of the pop bottle nozzles. We watered the soil with 200 mL of water each day for a period of five days. The more dirt and the dirtier the water is, the more soil has eroded. The more water that came out from the dirt bottles, the more water runoff has occurred.We recorded how much water came out of each dirt bottle on a chart, and also took pictures. All the water that was collected and recorded down was transferred to another five 2L pop bottle (one for each type of dirt water; gravel, burlap, plain soil, leaves, and wood.) for further examinations. We looked at the water from the five 2L that we had collected for five days, and compared the water level, colour, and the amounts of dirt in each. We made our conclusions based on the darkness of the final dirt water collected (the darker the water is the more soil has eroded). When both bottles were about the same colour, we compared the amounts of dirt in each.