quelle type de produit vaisselle donne le plus de volume de mousse
Elle MacCarthy, Riya Bajpai
Vancouver Technical Secondary
Floor Location : J 059 D

in this project We wanted to find out what type of dish soap gives the most volume of foam foam/bubbles to the mixture of 10% hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and potassium iodine. We created a safe environment to test our question and used safety gloves and goggles because hydrogen peroxide is harmful to eyes and skin. We tested each type of dish soap Several times then averaged it for our final result. We took a video of the experiment to be able to show the judges without bringing the possibly harming product, hydrogen peroxide. We are very happy with the results we got in our experiment and hope the judges enjoyed and will enjoy the video of our bubbly experiment. Our teacher Mr Byron helped us by loaning us potassium iodine after the dry yeast we had tried in advance did not work. It took Several attempts to purchase the correct mix and percentage of hydrogen peroxide. We spent many hours after school and on weekends working on this project. We hope you enjoy the show of foam that we were able to re create several times and in several colors. We look forward to mixing more products in the future! Riya and Elle