oil super suckers
pamela dragolov, Marley Hodgson
Burnaby North Secondary
Floor Location : J 116 V

?What is the Best Plant Based Material that can Absorb Oil in our Environment?

?The purpose of our project is to demonstrate how a natural plant based material can clean up oil from an oil spill, and which one of them is the most absorbent. What inspired us to begin our project was the Trans Mountain Pipeline and how if it fails or oil tanker ships somehow leak oil, we could find an all-natural way to absorb the oil instead of using chemicals which harm the ecosystem.The materials we have chosen to test our experiment are; Milkweed, moss, and cotton. Our studies show that milkweed will be the most absorbent because it has larger and airier pores.

?In our attempt to recreate an oil spill clean up in the ocean, we first began by weighing each material on a scale before starting the experiment so that we could see what their masses were before absorbing the oil. Once we began the experiment we let each material soak in the oil for 15 minutes and weighed them every 5 minutes to see how much oil had been absorbed.

By looking at our data and results, the milkweed was the most successful absorbent out of the three other plant based materials. In conclusion, we believe that milkweed would be the best, most efficient natural cleanup tool for an oil spill.