Benford's Law
David Holcer
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : J 119 N

This project is checking the validity of Benfords law also known and the leading digit rule. I am finding new applications for this information such as new uses for finance or better predictions for stock market. I am also exploring the relationship between time and when the leading digit occurs. For this project, I analyzed different sources of data and got the percentage of times that it occurs. I did this using a computer programming language called Python and a data management software titled Mathematica. I then graphed my results with Excel. I found that on average, with the data samples I used, Benford's law did hold and was predominant especially in data sets that increased or decreased exponentially. I used powers of 2 to test my data and then population growth (two data sets that grow exponentially), and notived that in both cases, my final data matched Benford's law very closely. From this I came to the conclusion that the law held. In the future, I would like to mathematically prove that the law holds and why it works, but it may be a bit too challenging. This science fair has been a fun experience I enjoyed working in, and I hope to have many more like it.