Oxygen creating machine
Dasha Kalyuk-Klyuchareva
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : J 120 N

The technology is evolving like we are. Soon we'll be out there in space, colonizing other planets and moons.

Our earth is one large ecosystem, one organism supporting the other for survival. So when we do travel out there live out there on other worlds, we need that ecosystem to stay alive, we just evolved that way. Sure we can make so many things artificial, but is it worth it if a single plant can give us food and oxygen, all it asks for in return is water, a place to live, light, and air.

In this project I'm focusing on the oxygen production in plants. The application is "life in space". The variable I'm changing in this project is the wavelength of light. I use 8 different wavelengths of light that I shine on plants for a period of time. Then, I see which plant produced the most oxygen in that period of time.

I have conducted two trials though if I had more time I would have made more. The first trial spanned for two days, the plants where in isolation from light except a specific wavelength.

For the second trial the trial went on for only about seven hours.