A better 3D printer
Victor Mangas, Spencer Harris
Vancouver Technical Secondary
Floor Location : M 028 N

The typical photolithographic 3D printer is good however leaves much to be desired in the way of resolution. By use of only one stepper motor and the photolithographic system. Our laser is always held perpendicular to the resin level and therefore does not change preciseness throughout the print time. while keeping the accuracy of a stepper motor. Not only is this resolution problem solved but due to the fact that we are using resin cured by a laser it can withstand it's own weight without warping over itself. Thus creating a better 3D printer for practical use maximizing precision and accuracy. We also wish to layer and structure our prints instead of just having the classical layered system of printing. By doing this we may be able to print thing with more ease that other printers simply cannot print such as mushrooms in witch the cap is not supported by anything and therefore needs a structural system. To accomplish this we should have to develop our own software mechanism to convert objects in a 3D modelling system into basic geometric objects. such as triangles and other geometric shapes or forms. These will then be put together by means of the resin curing prosses.