Michelle Che Yan Lam , Gregory Zhang Shen
Point Grey Secondary
Floor Location : M 107 V

In the past few years, many organizations have been raising awareness about recycling, but is it really effective in reducing the 777 kilograms* of garbage every Canadian makes each year? Because organic materials such as eggshells make up 30% of that waste, this project uses the calcium carbonate component in eggshells along with other low-cost, common, and easy to find materials to create an environmental friendly blackboard chalk. Our hypothesis is that if we mix grinded eggshells (which contain high amount of calcium carbonate) and materials that chemically react with calcium carbonate together, we can create a chalk that resembles the blackboard chalks sold in stores because a chemical reaction will signify the breaking of bonds between atoms in the reactant; the atoms being rearranged to form new bonds will produce a new product with different properties. The experimental results supported our hypothesis as it shows that by mixing together grinded eggshells, cornstarch, glue, and vinegar, we are able to produce Enviro-Chalk that have similar properties to products such as Anti-Dust Crayola chalk. The experiment also resulted in a chalk that produces almost no dust at all because of the heavy particles in the chalk itself. With Enviro-Chalk it is possible to reduce the amount of waste in the landfills by almost 30%!

*Approximate amount as written on CBC News