Effets de la temperature ambiente et le type d'essence sur la consommaion d'essence d'une voiture ou/or Effects of ambiente tempurature and gas type on the fuel consumption of a car
Behraz Ebrahimi, Patrick Milks
Ecole Andre Piolat
Floor Location : M 110 V

Cars are a major source of air pollution and greenhouses gasses, and with global warming becoming a rising concern, scientists are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate the usage of fossil fuels. We believe that fuel consumption by a car must be affected by several factors and decided to examine the effect of ambient temperature and gas type on fuel consumption. We did a total of 18 tests in which a car (Kia Sedona) was driven on a set route on a highway (30.6 km) at a constant speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Results from our first experiment show that gas consumption increased slightly with ambient temperature. This suggests that there maybe ecological benefits, and financial benefits to motorists, of driving less when it is warm. With this in mind, governments could find ways to encourage driving when it is generally cooler outside such as rearranging work schedules so that people drive preferentially early in the morning or late in the evening. Results from our second experiment show that our car consumed less gas when it was fueled with supreme gas than regular gas. We worry however that even though motorists may get better gas mileage from supreme gas, the higher price may discourage them from buying the more expensive fuel. Thus, to promote air quality and reduce greenhouse gases governments may again have to give incentives to people so that they change and choose the more expensive supreme gas which is may be better for the environment.