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The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the electrolyte levels in popular rehydration agents and determine which one contains the most electrolytes to replenish and refuel your body during sports. My hypothesis was that Gatorade would be the drink of choice based on its worldwide appeal. By passing a constant D.C. current between two electrodes in the beverage being tested, the electrolyte content of six different beverages was determined. The rehydration agents tested included Gatorade, PowerAde, Vitamin Water, Tap Water, Coconut water and Orange Juice. This measured current was inputted in a formula to determine the conductance, which has a direct relationship to the electrolyte concentration. This is because electrolytes are charged particles that can carry current. My results proved my hypothesis wrong by showing the following electrolyte levels: Coconut water and Orange Juice showed the highest electrolyte levels; Powerade and Gatorade had the second highest electrolyte levels; while vitamin water and tap water had the least concentration of electrolytes. Research indicates that electrolyte levels alone cannot solely be used to determine an ideal rehydration agent. Factors such as individual ion concentrations as well as the balance of nutritional content need to be further investigated when selecting an ideal rehydration agent.