Examining Biodiesel - A Renewable, Clean, Alternative Fuel
Timothy Cheng
David Thompson Secondary
Floor Location : S 196 E

My science fair project involves using different oils to make biodiesel. In this project, I am to create a method of sustainability because global warming is a leading cause of public concern today. I hope to further the studies on biodiesel, a renewable source of energy, and create a method that can be used for years to come. I aim to help the world completely transition from fossil fuel burning into a renewable source, such as biodiesel. In my project, I compare the biodiesel made by each oil in terms of the yielded biodiesel, cost, as well as the energy content of the biodiesel. I will use canola oil, and different wastes oils found in fast foods in a standard formula to create biodiesel. I will explore the percentage yield of the biodiesel compared to the production in glycerine, the other component created when making the biodiesel. To explore the energy content, I will simulate a spirit burner and measure the spirit burner's ability to transfer heat in a liquid medium. I will compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of each oil used, and come to a conclusion which oil is best to use for a more sustainable future.