Metal oxidation electrolysis
Richard Liu , Kevin Zhao
University Transition Program
Floor Location : S 217 E

What we did was we used different types of materials including magnesium and zinc and we generated electricity using them. So we got this idea from a toy car that runs only on salt water, but later found out that this was not true and that it is powered by the reactions between the magnesium used inside the cart and salt water. So we decided we can expand on this idea and we can compare different materials and see which ones produce electricity and can be used as a form of long lasting energy source. We later determined that Zinc is a perfect material because it is long lasting, made from recyclable materials, and produces enough power to power lights and small motors as demonstrated in our presentation. Now that we have used these materials, we would like to test different materials and possibly create a small device that has a on/off switch that can be used in daily lives. After batteries have been used up, we can use the excess zinc from the shell of the battery react it with salt water and create everyday electricity that is produced from these recyclable materials. when we were testing magnesium during the reactions, it lost its "reactivity" after only around 30 minutes of testing, this is why we would like to take a further step in this action and find some new materials that haven't been introduced before and try them in our experiment.