Influence of Smartphone Use on Academic Performance
Amanda Ljustina, Maggie Lu
University Transition
Floor Location : J 027 D

Smartphones play an omnipresent role in today's society. They seem to be ubiquitous, everywhere at anytime. In past years many studies have been conducted in order to determine possible smartphone addiction and the impact it has had on factors such as satisfaction with life, academic performance, social interaction and behavior, etc. among high school and university students. Across the studies there was a positive correlation between smartphone usage and stress, as well as a negative correlation between smartphone usage and academic performance. This project not only aimed to bring together information from various studies in a cohesive way, but also explored the question of if constant smartphone use positively or negatively affect academic performance through conducting a survey. The survey, conducted among a group of 40 accelerated high school students, as well as one control group, collected respondent-reported data such as the amount of time respondents spend on smartphones, the amount of time spent on social networking, and the respondents personal rating of how much of their time is spent with the mobile device. Then the grades of participants were collected, keeping respondent anonymity, and using statistical methods to measure and calculate the correlations between factors such as hours of smartphone use and grades. Furthermore, some ideas as to ways to raise student awareness to productivity levels and multitasking were proposed.