Press Start: Testing Reaction Speeds
Stephen Huang, Jimme Zhao
Britannia Community Secondary
Floor Location : J 130 F

In this experiment we want to if playing high attentive video games will improve your reaction. To do this, we tested on people who have had at least 7-8 hours of and have had breakfast. We then let our subjects do our first test. The first part the test consists of our subjects playing the "fast push [Color]" mode of an app called the "Reflex test". The "fash push [Color]" is a mode within the "Reflex test" that shows you how long it took to tap the blue square after it turns red. The subjects played this mode 10 times showing their reaction times for each time they did the test. The second part of the test took place three hours after the subject performed the first test. The second part of the test is exactly the same as the first test except that we allowed the subjects to play Piano TIles 2 for four minutes before playing the "fast push".We used standard deviation we can see how far the numbers are spread out also using error bars. In addition, we performed the t-test to show if two groups of data were statistically significantly. We decided to do this to show people that high attentive games can be beneficial in many different ways like providing training for pro gamers to everyday errands.