The Ultimate Angle
Brennan King
Prince of Wales Secondary
Floor Location : J 150 D

Ultimate players, including myself, are constantly looking for ways to improve their long throws, which are a very important part of the sport. Especially for the pull, where one team throws the Frisbee as far as they can towards the other. One easy way to improve the distance of your throws is to throw the disc at the optimal launch angle, but what is the optimal launch angle? This project looks into what angle sends the disc the furthest. To determine this a Frisbee launching machine was made. The machine is powered by a drill that is controlled by a dimmer switch. The drill is held snugly in place by metal strapping and it is attached to the axle of a bike wheel. The bike wheel is in a hole in a piece of ply wood and around it is a track. The bike wheel spins and the Frisbee gets whipped around the track and flies out the other side. The machine can launch the disc at angles from 0 degrees to 40 degrees at intervals of 5. My hypothesis was that the disc would travel the furthest when launched at 30 degrees. For my experiment I set the machine up and launched the disc at all of the angles and measured all of the throws, then I calculated the average distance at each angle. I found that the optimal launch angle is 15 degrees. This experiment will help many ultimate players improve their throwing distance by just changing one small thing.