Quelles substances prolongent la vie d'une tulipe?
Tess Keeton, Marie Poisson
Vancouver Technical Secondary
Floor Location : J 169 V

For this experiment, we decided to create eight different mixtures made up of liquids and grainy substances, and we put five yellow tulips in each vase with the different substances [one bunch of five in each of the eight vases]. Then, for one week we watched the plants grow, open ,survive and die and we noted our observations. One person had four of the mixtures at her house and the other the remaining four vases at her house. The eight mixtures we created were: water and vanilla, water and salt, water and vinegar, water and apple juice, water and coconut water, water and a penny, water and a camomile tea bag and water and sugar. For each mixture, we put two cups of water and two tablespoons of the other substances. The water was cool and fresh and the other substances were mainly at room temperature. This project had some variables, for example; the temperature of the water was not exactly the same, all the vases were not tested in the same area,thus, affecting the quantity of sunlight each tulip received. What we found is that the mixtures with water and vanilla and water and sugar made the tulips live longer and have better results than water normally produces for tulips.We think this is the case because sugar gives humans energy and helps us be more excited and energetic. If tulips have sugar, they will react and the energy will help them grow and thrive.We hope this experiment will help gardeners, people who like flowers, and employees at flower stores, to be able to make tulips last longer and have a better quality of life.