Can Bioplastic save the polar bears?
Cole Wilkes
Urban Academy
Floor Location : J 182 N

The purpose of this work is to make an artificial ice floe. It will be made of bio-plastic so that it is healthy for the environment. We can form recycled or biodegradable materials into an ice floe shape to put in the sea water so the polar bears have somewhere to rest. This will help because global warming is causing the Arctic ice to melt away so the polar bears have less and less places to rest as they search for food sources. Often the polar bears and their cubs are swimming for days and days in the search for food and also become so tired they drown. Sometimes they die from fatigue, other times they die from starvation. An artificial ice floe made of bio-plastic is sure to help the polar bears.

Bio-plastic is the name for plastic whose components are fully or almost fully made from renewable materials (meaning materials that are replaced rapidly once used, by the new growth of living things). Also, bio-plastic is a biodegradable material, so nature will get rid of everything that is left behind after the rough ocean eventually starts the job. Bio-plastic does not simply become more “garbage” in our oceans. More important, if it is also a compostable type of bio-plastic, it will also not contribute to chemical pollution in the Arctic. Compostable plastic is the only type of bio-plastic that will not add toxins to the sea water as it slowly breaks down.