The Eggs are Dyeing
Anny Xia, Evelyn Chan
Point Grey Secondary
Floor Location : J 188 H

Tea is an essential part of everyday life of two billion people according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute. We already know that tea stains teeth, but the real question is here which one stains human teeth the most ? That is the question we asked ourselves and thus this experiment was born.

We did some background research in for this experiment and made our hypotheses. Based on the research we conducted, we believed that the Orange Pekoe would stain human teeth the most. This all ties down with the fact that black tea has more tannins. Tannin is an organic substance that creates the dark colour in tea, which we believe is the reason teeth gets stained.

Since obtaining actual human teeth would be not only prove to be difficult, but very unsanitary. That is why we chose to use eggshells as a substitute for human teeth. The chemical components of human teeth (made of calcium phosphate) and eggshells ( made of calcium carbonate ) are extremely similar.

Our procedure for this experiment is as followed. First we washed the eggs and hollowed them out. We then produced to measure each different kind of tea and placed each individual types in its own bowl. With paraffin (wax), we applied a drop onto each one of the eggs to preserve its white color and our reference. Next, we poured water into into each of the bowls and let the tea sit for a while before placing each egg in. Finally we waited for a day before removing the the eggs and recording our results.

After we conducted our experiment, we came to the conclusion that green tea would stain teeth the most. Because it was green tea that stained our eggshells the most, we had to reject our hypothesis which stated that black tea would stain our teeth the most. We will use the data we receive from this experiment in hopes of raising awareness for tea lovers everywhere of the effects different sorts of tea would have on your teeth.