Hocus Pocus Focus!
Catherine Wang, Jenny Chen
Alpha Secondary
Floor Location : J 190 H

The daily life of an individual is influenced both negatively and positively by their mental well being. Focus, for example has been shown to be enhanced by hunger. This problem, “how does hunger affect mental state” helps determine which state of hunger enhances which area of mental focus. This experiment included an examination regarding the relationship between the participant’s salivary nutrients, and their focus, memory, and language processing skills. Therefore, the hypothesis stated that peak scores would be higher overall when well fed because of the nutrients in our body or lack thereof. Yet, according to the peak score that we acquired, the results showed signs that the hungry participants had an increase in focus while well-fed participants had an achieved higher scores in memory and in language tests. Because the tested concentration of glycine was increased when memory scores were higher, the data suggests that the amount of glycine in our saliva alters our memory, and increasing the concentration levels of the participant. This idea could not only be a new understanding of human behaviour, but when we apply this to the real world, it could assist with many jobs that require such mental capabilities. Considering hunger in respects to our mind could become a daily routine and enhance mental performance.