How Much Gas Do Certain Beverages Produce In Your Stomach?
Maya Siemens
Alpha Secondary
Floor Location : J 192 H

The purpose of this experiment is to determine which beverage produces the most gas in your stomach. The beverages that I tested were water, cola, coffee, cream, orange juice and grape juice. I used six of the same bottles and filled each of them with 1 1/4 cup of pure white vinegar. Although in my research I found out that vinegar has a slightly more alkaline pH level than stomach acid (stomach acid pH 2.0 and vinegar pH 2.4), vinegar was the closest match that I could get. I used six of the same balloons and filled each of them with 1/4 cup of one of the listed beverages.Before I did that, I blew up each of the balloons so that their circumference would become a total of 40 cm. I repeated this step three times on each balloon to ensure the balloons flexibility. After I had filled the balloons with the beverages, I attached each balloon to the spout of the bottles, careful not to let the beverage enter the bottle. I let the balloons hang to the side until I was ready to set my timer. I set a timer for every 4 minutes because in my research I found out that in the human stomach it takes most beverages about 20 minutes to digest. I knew that my experiment would need more time because vinegar has a different acidity level than stomach acid,so I decided to check the balloon circumference in cm with a flexible measuring tape every 4 minutes until there were no more increases in circumference.