Secretly Smooth: Which Moisturizer Works the Best?
Mallory Moxham, Blythe Schmelke
West Point Grey Academy
Floor Location : J 203 H

Our question that we are finding the answer to is: which moisturizer keeps the skin the most moist and how does this relate to the favourite product of adults? The reason that we chose to conduct this project was to discover which lotion made our hands the most moist because we get dry hands very easily and both of us suffer from eczema.
This experiment has two components. The first component is a scientific experiment testing 5 moisturizers on a skin model based on gelatin (collagen). We spread moisturizer onto the gelatin in each petri dish. Over 180 hours, regular 12-hourly measurements were taken of the decrease in the height or thickness of the gelatin. Our independent variable is the type of lotion applied to the gelatin. Our dependent variable is the decrease in the height of the gelatin as the water content evaporates from a control or experimental (moisturizer) petri-dish. The second part of the experiment is testing adults and giving them a survey to find out what moisturizer they like the best. We filled 5 60mL syringes, one with each moisturizer. Then we double blind randomized them and gave 0.5-2mL of moisturizer to each adult. They then filled out a google form at the end of each test. They also gave us their thoughts about each different moisturizer. Our dependant variable is the opinion of the adult. The independant variable is the different moisturizer put onto the skin each day.
We believe that (for the experimental study) the lotion that contains one of each: an emollient, an occlusive agent, and a humectant and not many other harsh artificial scents or chemicals. We think that this will work the best on the "skin" (gelatin). In this case the lotion that we believe will work the best is Aveeno. Aveeno uses natural ingredients in place of chemicals that irritate skin. For the questionnaire we believe that the moisturizer that has the prettiest smell will be the most popular because smell overpowers most other senses. Smell overpowers taste when you eat and makes your food taste better/worse and more strong. Also we suspect that this lotion will not be the same as the best performer in the previous experiment. The lotion that we believe everyone will like is Crabtree and Evelyn because of its strong and floral scent.
This experiment will be helpful to people who have dry skin. They will be able to use this experiment to find the lotion that works the best for them and their skin. It also benefits dermatologists who are interested in giving their patients the best lotions. Advertisers and lotion companies will be able to use the information to promote their products with real proof.