Xylitol vs. Sugar
Lucas Beitel, Isaac Smedley
Lord Selkirk Elementary, Selkirk Elementary
Floor Location : J 205 H

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables as well as birch trees, and we believe it may contain the future of our ear health as well as our dental, and cardio vascular health. To conduct our experiment we first needed two identical batches of gum - except for one thing - one gum had to contain an equal amount of xylitol to the other gum's sugar. After preparing that, we tested sixty students by asking them whether or not they could taste which gum before them, contained which sweetener. In our results we found that they could definitely taste a difference, but the right difference? Not at all! In fact over 70% of our subjects guessed that the xylitol was sugar and vise versa. The most likely explanation for this, is that our subjects assumed that they would much prefer the sugar, as this is what they are used to. But contrary to their beliefs they enjoyed the xylitol more. Therefore they deducted (wrongly) that the gum that tasted better was the gum containing sugar. To conclude we believe that xylitol should be used in day to day consumable items including baking and other goods, not only because it has been shown to cure cavities and stop heart attacks but also because the general public actually prefers it to sugar.