How Expensive is Your Skin?
Angela Li
Mulgrave School
Floor Location : J 208 V

The experiment is designed to test the effectiveness of different moisturizers with different price range. The hypothesis of this experiment is if occlusive agents, humectants and emollients are all in one skincare product, then this product will be effective at keep skin moist, because these ingredients are the main ingredients that will impact the skin’s moisture level. The independent variable are vaseline petroleum jelly, Cle de Peau moisturizer, La Mer face moisturizer and L'occitane skin moisturizer. The dependent variable is the mass in grams of all four types of moisturizers measured by a scale. The variables that are kept the same to ensure no other factors impact the data collected are the petri dishes. The results of my data were interesting as they showed that the cheapest priced product—vaseline was the most effective moisturizer out of all. In this experiment, the average rate of mass loss per hour was calculated. The data showed that the reliability for L'occitane, La Mer and Cle de Peau are high because the numbers are consistent. For example for the average rate of mass loss per hour calculation showed that for La Mer, the numbers are approximately all 2.5. However, numbers for vaseline are not as consistent, so the reliability for vaseline is low. Due to the lack of skill in spreading the moisturizer evenly on the gelatin, certain area on the gelatin was not protected as much as other parts. Therefore, some parts of the gelatin might evaporate, and that caused the reliability to be low. Overall, the data would be repeated by someone else, since there are some number consistency, and there was good care-taking of the experiment, as well as good control over the moisturizer when spreading. Therefore, someone else might collect the similar data as me, as long as if they carefully follow the procedure. This experiment is only to find the water evaporation of the sample moisturizers. However, there are many other factors that can determine the quality of moisturizer, for example, the absorption of the moisturizer.