What is the best way to heat water using solar power?
Emma Do
Alpha Secondary
Floor Location : J 214 E

What is the best way to heat water using solar power? Summary Heating water is a huge part of our daily lives. It is a luxury that we take for granted. A hot shower, a warm bubble bath, and a swim in a heated pool have become part of normal life that we cannot live without. We spend so much energy and money into heating water for our homes and pools. Besides the economical cost, heating water using fossil fuel is expensive environmentally. The future of the earth depends greatly on how we can harness clean solar energy for our daily living. The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the best way to harness solar power to heat water. There are many ways to use the sun to heat up water. Greenhouses have been used to capture solar energy. Insulation works by restricting the flow of heat from escaping. Insulation reduces the transfer of heat. Another way to harness solar power is using a fresnel lens. Fresnel lens is a type of compact lens that magnifies the sun's radiation. It is used to concentrate sunlight for heating, cooking and even starting fire. This experiment is designed to compare the three methods of using solar power to heat water and to confirm that a design that combines all three methods is the best. I will also be testing for the results if combining all the factors will do any difference. When testing for green house effect I put a glass lid on a steel pot under a 1000 watt heating light for an hour. When testing insulation I put the pot in a container and wrapped it in blankets, I put it under the light for an hour. When testing for the fresnel lens, I focused the lens onto a piece of steel wool under the light for an hour. All data was recorded graphed and each trial was done 3 times. My hypothesis is that the fresnel lens will produce the highest water temperature change compared to greenhouse effect and insulation, and that
the use of all three methods will produce the greatest water temperature increase. My hypothesis was spot on with the actual results, With individually the fresnel lens being the best way while insulation doing the worst. But the most successful way by far was to add all the factors together.