Ink Pump
Hongyang Zhao
David Thompson
Floor Location : J 221 N

Fountain pens are a type of widely used writing utensils. They’re very common in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Austria, India, and the United Kingdoms.

They are renowned for their smooth writings and beauty. Due to the large capacity of its ink cartridges, after each refill, one could write for a relatively long time. Fountain pens can be used for years on with proper cleaning and can be personalized as well. It also provides one of the best writing experiences and is almost effortless to use. Making it ideal for people of all occupations. Including people with arthritis.

Using non-refillable ink cartridges for fountain pens is very hard on the environment and expensive. However, using the refillable cartridges usually require the user to dip the nib of the pen into the ink, then drawing up the ink with a converter. This process inevitably contaminates the pen’s nib and puts one’s nearby items in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the converter on the back of the cartridge, for drawing in the ink, takes up a huge amount of space, further reducing the capacity for storing ink.

To solve this, I designed a new way to refill the fountain pen’s ink cartridges. Instead of having a suction within the cartridge to draw in the ink. My design is an ink bottle that will create a positive pressure within the ink bottle, which will force the ink into the cartridge. This will eliminate the need to clean anything from the refill. Making it easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly.