Making 3D printing stronger
Xander Naumenko
Sir Charles Tupper
Floor Location : J 225 N

For our project, making 3D printing stronger, we tried to find a way to make 3D printing stronger. 3D printing is a process where you slowly stack layers of 3D printing plastic on top of each other, so that it eventually forms a 3D object. The best part about it is that you can design the objects yourself, so your only limited by your imagination. However, the biggest problem with 3D printing is that it's very weak. No matter what you do, unless you want to buy a metal 3D printer, the things you print will break very quickly. To solve this problem, we added epoxy and copper (alone and together) to the 3D printed object, then we used a homemade rig to break the object and measure at what weight it broke. Then, we calculated the stress on where it broke (force over area) and made the results, in pascals. We won't ruin it, but the results were very interesting and surprising. We believe that everyone should have access to a 3D printer, as they can do incredible things for very cheap costs. We had a very good time doing this project, and we hope you enjoy it too.