Adapt to Drought
Freya Savage
Sir Charles Tupper
Floor Location : J 226 V

In my project, Adapt to Drought I am determining the quantity of nutrients produced by varieties of plants grown in a simulated drought condition.

Currently one of the world's biggest problems is climate change. What inspired me to look at climate change and its side affects was that the drought last summer directly affected me. This is because we grow a lot of our own food, and drought is one of the side affects of climate change.

In this project i am finding the plant that when or if we have another drought will be the plant to grow for those who have there own gardens. I want to help people adapt to the change of climate. For those who grow there own food when a drought comes they shouldn't just stop growing food they should start growing the right food.

I am experimenting on four different plants, kale, arugula, spinach and lettuce find out which one will produce the most vitamin c, calcium and sodium, therefore being the most efficient plant. I am also looking at how strong and healthy the plants are as they grow, if a bunch of one plant dies off than it is not a strong plant and even if the few that live are the most nutritious because some of them died it means that it is not a efficient pant.