Clorox Bleach vs. T-Shirts: A Science Fair Experiment
Goga Rayat, Alex Smith
St John's School
Floor Location : J 227 D

The average person says that bleach affects lighter colours at a faster pace, but we wanted to know more. Is that true? Does bleach really affect lighter colours more effectively at a faster pace? This science fair project is looking at pouring one tablespoon of Clorox Bleach on 7 different coloured youth medium t-shirts (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, black, grey) in four different trials, and observing how the clorox bleach affects the t-shirt's original colour after an hour of sitting on the cement ground. Our hypothesis was that we thought that the darker colours would be less affected to the bleach than the lighter colours, and our hypothesis was somewhat right in the end, as the grey was not affected at all, the black was somewhat affected, and the green was fully white after sitting on the cement ground for an hour with the bleach on it. At the end of the project, we fully met our objective, which was to see how clorox bleach affected the 7 different colours of t-shirts, ranging from lightest to darkest. The key to this project's success was following the criteria and sticking to it, because if we hadn't done that, the project would not have been able to reach it's full potential.