How deep is your sleep?
Isobel White
Island Pacific School
Floor Location : J 232 D

In my experiment I tested how technology affects the quality and the amount of sleep. I did two lots of trials. When I did the first experiment I found lots of errors. So I decided to redo the experiment. My hypothesis was that technology would affect the quality and amount of sleep. The purpose of this experiment is to determine what affects the quality and amount of your sleep. I started this experiment because I want to see how technology is affecting our brains and messing with the different sleep hormones. The general procedure, that I set up was that I gave the participants a strict sleep scheduled. After each morning I asked them some questions. I used a fit bit to track to the restlessness and the time of the participants. Then after I conducted the experiment I compared the female and male resulted. Then I found out why the results the way they where. The outcome of the test where that technology did affect the quality and amount of your sleep. I really wanted to do this experiment because technology is becoming more advanced, and that takes a toll on our behaviour and sleep. I was really happy with the outcome.